In today’s fast paced, materialistic world, people are running towards shortcuts of attaining money, success, name and fame to endow themselves with all possible amenities . They want to fulfill their dreams not by walking up the ladder step by step but gaining everything in a flick of a second. And this very thought makes the need of an astrologer all the more obvious. An astrologer is considered next to God and this is true to a large extent as he can be your guide and help you to walk through the path burning down the hassles, struggles and hardships that come down the way.

To facilitate each one of you to make your life's journey easier, we would like to introduce a young...talented Astro- Numerologer & Face Reader Shri Sachin K Rastogi from New Delhi, who has achieved great heights in the field of occult science. Though he is quite young but has made an edge over others by his indepth research in the astronomical study and expertise through extensive practical application by handling people with different destinies and have made their lives far more satisfactory.
He has completed his education in Jyotish Vidya from AIFAS , Future Point, New Delhi & has been awarded with

• Jyotish Bhushan,

• Jyotish Ratna,

• Jyotish Prabhakar,

• Jyotish Rishi &

• Jyotish Shastracharya

At the age of 30, he had been honoured by a Gold Medal from AIFAS for his unique perspective about astrology.He has completed his 3 years graduation in E- Commerce from XANSA India Ltd.

He has been serving people since more than 10 years through his insightful interpretations of the planetary positions and have helped them make their lives better. He is known for his intuitive predictions that he says is a blessing showered by the Almighty, Shirdi Sai Baba.

In the present day scenario, astrology has also become a profession, ways of minting money but not all astrologers can show you the corrective path as it is a divine blessing and meditative power that can only help an astrologer to have a correct insight in anyone’s life and destiny.
Mr. Sachin does not belong to a family with inheritance into making astrological predictions but it is an art that he has developed through years of hard work, meditation and his strong belief in God.

So he has always worshipped it rather than treating it as a profession & a means of misleading people & gaining money.
He never wanted to be an astrologer but today he has become one as it was Destined for him by God and he is now following this path of serving people considering it to be God’s Wish.
He always wanted to achieve great heights, stand above the crowd , to be known amongst everyone but where he stands today, is the result of his dedication in fulfilling his dreams.

He tried his hand in job at IFFCO for some years but belonging from a business family he left his job and joined his father’s construction business but he felt uncomfortable and started his own software firm for developing softwares and websites. But still he found something missing. Years back it was predicted for him that even he would become a famous astrologer but that was beyond his belief, although from the beginning, he was famous for his intuition and numerological prediction. But destinies never change, he joined astrology classes few years later & gained a lot of fame there.After then, there was no looking back.

Another feather in the cap was his biggest achievement of meeting Superstar Shri Amitabh Bachchan who specially invited him to his office as even he was quite impressed by the accurate predictions he made for him. Even now he sends him predictions whenever his charts show some important incident to occur and Mr. Bachchan always appreciates his interpretations. In a short span of few years, he has gained a wide clientele from all over the world. Till date, he has served more than 3000 people including businessmen, politicians, bureaucrats, bollywood stars, NRI,'s etc. through his core understanding of their birth charts and planetary positions,make people believe in their vibratory influence and help them make their lives better.

He always believes in "KARMA"and guides people by providing them inner strength to handle all situations and be with them as their mentor and protect them from all hurdles that life has in store for them.He is also running a trust for poor people by the name of SHIRDI SAI SEWA TRUST ( Regd.) This is a govt registered trust.

He is fully active on Facebook, Gmail & Skype.

His only advice to people is not to get carried away by fake astrologers, believe in Self Karma & always have faith in God, The Divine Power.