108 Names of Sai Baba

Sainatha Lord Sai
LakshmiNarayana The One Who has the Wondrous Form of Lakshmi Narayana
Krishnama-shiva-marutyadirupa The One Who is the Lord with the Form of Krishna, Rama, Shiva, and Anjaneya
Sheshashayine The One Who Sleeps on Adi Shesha
Godavaritatishiladhivasi The One Who Lived in Shirdi, Which is on the Shores of the Godavari
Bhakta hridaalaya The One Who Merges with the Heart of His Devotees
Sarva hrinnilaya The One Who Merges with all Hearts
Bhootavasa The One Who Lives in all Beings
Bhoota-bhavishyadu- bhavajrita The One Who Removes Thoughts About the Past, Present, and Future
Kalatitaaya The One Who is Beyond Time
Kala The One Who is Time
Kala-kala The One Who is the Killer of the God of Death
Kaladarpadamana The One Who Removes the Pain Inflicted by the God of Death
Mrityunjaya The One Who has Conquered/Succeeded Death
Amatya The One Who is a Superhuman Being
Martyaabhayaprada The One Who Gives Salvation to Human Beings
Jivadhaara The One Who is the Support of Life.
Sarvadhaara The One Who is the Support of Everything
Bhaktavanasamartha The One Who is Worshipped by a Forest of Devotees
Bhaktavanapratigyaaya The One Who has Taken the Promise of Protecting His Devotees
Annavastradaya The One Who Gives Food and Clothes
Aarogya-kshemadaya The One Who Grants Health and Comfort
Dhanamangalya-pradaya The One Who Grants Well-Being and Health
Rhiddi-siddidaya The One Who Grants Wisdom and Power
Putra-mitra-kalatra-bandhudaya The One Who Grants Sons, Friends, Wives, and Relatives
Yoga-kshema-vahaya The One Who Looks After Our Well-Being
Aapadabhandavaya The One Who is the Friend in Times of Troubles and Distress
Margabandhave The One Who is Our Only Guide in Our Life Journey
Bhakti-mukti-swarga-pavargadaya The One Who Bestows Wealth, Everlasting Bliss and Eternal State (Heaven)
Priya The One Who is Extremely Dear to Devotees
Pritivardanaya The One Who is Increases Our Devotion to God
Antaryami The One Who is Indwelling Spirit
Sacchidatmane The One Who is Who is the Divine Truth
Nityananda The One Who is Always Drowned in Eternal Bliss
Paramasukhadaya The One Who Gives Immense (Divine) Pleasure
Parameshwara The One Who is the Supreme Lord
Parabramha The One Who is the Ultimate Brahman
Paramatma The One Who is the Divine Soul
Gynanaswarupi The One Who is Wisdom Personified
Jagatapita The One Who is the Father of the universe
Bhaktanam-matru-datru-pitamahaya The One Who is Mother, Father, and Grandfather to all His Devotees
Bhakthabhaya-pradaya The One Who Gives Refuge to all Devotees
Bhaktaparadhinaya The One Who is in Control of His Devotees
Bhaktanugrahakataraya The One Who Blesses His Devotees
Sharanagata vatsalaya The One Who Loves People Surrendering to Him
Bhakti-shakti-pradaya The One Who Gives Strength to His Devotees
Gynana-vairagya-pradaya The One Who Gives Wisdom and Renunciation
Premapradaya The One Who Showers Selfless Love on all His Devotees
Samshaya-hrudaya-daurbalya-paapakarma-vasana-kshyakaraya The One Who Weakens the Weaknesses of the Heart and Propensity for Sins
Hrudaya-granthi bhedakaya The One Who Destroys the Attachment of the Heart
Karmadvamsine The One Who Destroys Our Sins Accumulated as a Result of Our Evil Activities
Shuddha satvasthitaaya The One Who is in Pure Truth and Goodness
Gunatita-gunatmane The One Who Possesses all Superior and Good Virtues
Anantakalyana-gunaya The One Who is the Limitless Good Qualities
Amitaparakramaya The One Who Possesses Immeasurable Valour
Jayine The One Who is Always Victorious
Durdharshakshobyaya The One Who Removes all Calamities of His Devotees
Aparijitaya The One Who Can Never be Vanquished
Trilokeshu avighata gataye The One Who can Freely Go Around all the Three Worlds Unobstructed
Ashakya rahitaya The One Who can Execute Everything Perfectly and Nothing is Impossible for Him
Sarvashakti-murtaye The One Who is the Idol of all Powers
Surupa sundaraya The One Whose Form is Very Pretty
Sulochanaya The One Whose Eyes are Attractive, Beautiful and Impressive
Bahurupa vishva-murtaye The One Who is the Form of the World with Several Forms
Arupaavyaktaya The One Who is Formless and Not Clear
Achintyaya The One Who is Beyond Thought
Sukshmaya The One Who has a Micro-Form
Sarvantaryamine The One Who is in Everything
Manovagatitaya The One Who is Beyond Mind and Words
Premamurtaye The One Who is the Personification of Love
Sulaba-durlabhaya The One Who is Easy as Well as Difficult to Get
Asahaya-sahayaaya The One Who Helps People, Who Depend on Him
Anatha-natha dina-bandhave The One Who is the Merciful Lord of Orphans
Sarvabharabhrute The One Who Bears the Burden of Protecting His Devotees
Akarmaneka karma-sukarmine The One Who Seems to be Not Doing Anything but Continuously Involved in Actions
Punyashravana keertanaya The One Whose Sacred Name is Worthy of Being Sung and to be Listened to
Teerthaya The One Who is in the Form of all Sacred Rivers
Vasudeva The One Who is None Other Than Lord Krishna
Sathangataye The One Who is Always the Refuge of all
Satparayana The One Who Possessed all the Merits of Being Worshipped by Good People
Lokanathaya The One Who is the Lord of This Universe
Paavanaanaghaya The One Who Possesses the Most Sacred Form
Amrutamshave The One Who is Divine Nectar
Bhaskara-prabhaya The One Who Shines Brilliantly Like the Sun
Bramhacharya tapashcharyadi suvrataya The One Who Observes the Penance of the Brahmachari
Satya-dharma parayanaya The One Who Embodies Truth and Righteousness
Siddheshwaraya The One Who is the Master of all Eight Siddhis or Superhuman Faculties Like anima, legima etc
Siddha-sankalpaya The One Who Executes His Wishes Perfectly and in no Time
Yogeshwaraya The One Who is the Head of all Yogis or Ascetics
Bhagavate The One Who is the Supreme Lord of the Universe
Bhakta-vatsalaya The One Who is Fond of his Devotees
Satpurushaya The One Who is Eternal, Unmanifest, Supreme Purusha
Purushottamaya The One Who is the Highest and Supreme Being
Satya-tatva bhodhakaya The One Who Preaches the True Principles of Truth and Reality
Kamadi-shadvairi-dhvamsine The One Who Destroys the Six Foes, viz. Desire, Anger, Greed, Hatred, Pride, and Lust
Abheda-nandanubhava-pradaya The One Who Grants the Bliss of Realisation of the One Absolute
Sama-sarvamata-sammataya The One Who is Tolerant and Equal Towards all
Dakshinamurtaye The One Who is Dakshina Moorty (Lord Shiva)
Venkatesha ramanaya The One Who is Lord Venkatesha (Lord Vishnu)
Adbhutananta-charyaya The One Who Performs Infinite, Marvellous Deeds (Miracles)
Prapannarti haraya The One Who Removes the Difficulties of His Devotees
Sansarasarva-duhkhakshaya-karaya The One Who Reduces The Sorrow of the Entire World
Sarvavitsarvato mukhaya The One Who is Omnipresent, With His Face Turning in all Directions, Omniscient
Sarvantarbahih sthitaya The One Who Exists Everywhere, Inside Everyone, and is all Knowing
Sarvamangala-karaya The One Who is Always Doing Good and Auspicious for the Welfare of His Devotees
Sarvabhishta pradaya The One Who Fulfills the Genuine Wishes of his Devotees
Samarasa sanmarga sthapanaya The One Who Consolidates the True Path of Amity, Unity, and Understanding Among all People
Samartha sadguru sainathaya The One Who is Sri Sadguru Sainath


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