Pisces :

This year, Saturn would enter Capricorn Sign in 11th House.. In the beginning of the year, Rahu would be in Gemini Sign in 4th and after September 19, Rahu would enter Taurus Sign in 3rd house. Jupiter would enter Capricorn sign in 11th House on March 30 and after turning retrograde it would transit Sagittarius Sign in 10th House on June 30. Again Jupiter would enter Capricorn Sign in 11th House on November 20 after becoming direct.

Work, Profession
This year would be very much auspicious for work and profession perspective. You would get success in your work and do progress in your profession by dint of luck and Karmas. You would succeed in expanding your business. You would overpower your enemies and competitors. In the beginning of the year, Jupiter in 10th House indications for comparatively less gains to these dealing in land matters. Those who are involved in their own work would have good gains. There are indications for gains from speculative business and share market form March to June.

Wealth, Property
This year would be specifically auspicious & beneficial for economic perspective. Saturn in 11th House ensures continuous gains. The long pending rent money would be recovered. You would spend money on performing auspicious ceremonies in your family. You would be anxiously on your heels to improve your economic status with courage and deeds. This year there would be expenditure on purchase of vehicle, construction of buildings or marriage in the family. This period is favorable for investments.

Family & Society
This year would be auspicious for family perspective. In the beginning of the year, due to aspect of Jupiter on 2nd House a peaceful environment would prevail in the family. You would get support from your family environment. There would be addition in family members after June 30. This addition might be due to marriage in family or birth of a child. Opponents of the family would be away and behavior of family members towards you would improve still be better. On September 19, Rahu would transit 3rd House. At that time, you would be busy in affairs concerned with pro-social, walfare and services of masses. By doing so your respect, prestige and pious deeds would be on increasing spree.

This year would be moderately auspicious for children perspective. There would be open ways for education and progress of your children. There are strong indications for newly wedded people to have children from March 30 to June end as Saturn and Jupiter have combined aspect on 5th House. This is an auspicious election (Muhurat) for pregnancy. If your first child is if marriageable age, he/she could get married.

This year would bring mixed results with regard to health. Mentally you would be satisfied if there is no ailment earlier then this year would be moderately auspicious for health. Ifyou are worried for weather borne diseases off and on, you would soon get recovered. You would have vegetarian diet for the sake of good health and illness free life. You would take interest in learning Yogas along with doing exercises.

Career & Competition
Beginning of the year would be auspicious for career perspective. There are strong indications for success in competitive examinations due to aspect of Jupiter on 6th House. You would lead in competitive examinations. There are very strong indications for unemployed people to get jobs. From March 30 to June and student would achieve their goals as Saturn and Jupiter have combined aspect on 5th House. For Higher education, student would get admission in their desired institutions.

Travel & Transfer
This year, there would not be many journeys but the journeys aimed at expansion and progress of the profession would be fruitful, beneficial and enjoyable. People who are in jobs would get transfers. There are indications for more journeys after September 19 and there would be a journey with family member to a tourist place positively.

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