Superstar of the Millennium, Shri Amitabh Bachchan ji
Actor, Mumbai

My dear Sachin, Thanks for sending me your astrological study on my date of birth. I will keep your suggestions in mind. Let me take this opportunity to wish you continued recognition in your chosen field.May your knowledge and skill help many to live better and more meaningful lives.

Sai Krishna Rajgopal
Senior Lawyer, Sai Krishna & Associates, Noida

Dr Sachin is an extremely gifted astrologer. He is deeply intuitive & this gives him a tremendous edge while interpreting birth charts. He is also able to contextualize his predictions depending on the background of his clients. Have always enjoyed interacting with him. He is a Gem of a person.

Mr Vijay Wanchoo
Sr Vice President & General Manager (GM) at Imperial Hotel, New Delhi

I met Dr Sachin K Rastogi about a couple of years ago. He is very contemporary unlike the typical Astro experts of today. He charming & very precise. He now more of a friend than a consultant & I feel we are very compatible despite the age difference. I wish him all the best.May he shine like the Stars.

Mr Aditya Oberoi
Brand Manager, ITC Fortune Hotels, New Delhi

Under the leadership of Dr Sachin ji I had done pre opening of many hotels as well successfully operating hotel experience in India as well overseas like Taj Group, Star wood Group, ITC Fortune Hotel Group. Sachin ji is having very strong intuition power which helped me in taking right decision at right time. God Bless him.

Mr Denzil OConnell
Editor at bollywoodpataka.com, New delhi & Mumbai

Dr Sachin is having good mastery in his choose field Astrology. I have found his predictions to be accurate & timely. I think he will go far in this Astrology field. Much success to all his projects.

Mrs Kanika Mehra
Manager at Snapdeal , New Delhi

Dr Sachin is an amazing person to discuss your problems with. He listens to each & every problem properly, I am very happy to take services from him also he gives detailed remedies to get them resolved. I would really recommend him to fellow users. Sachin is really awesome. The way he explains is also very impressive like a doctor explain to his patient, why it is happening to you as well what is the reason behind your query. From Astrology point of view He knows his stuff very well. Dr Sachin has deep knowledge in Astrology. Quick response & ready to help each & every time. Even his remedies are very much effective.

Mrs Shirala Singh
1st Runner Up-Mrs Asia Universe 2016, New Delhi

Dr Rastogi predictions has really helped me achieving my career & life goals. He is remarkable astrologer who is not only accurate but also gives you a logic & reasons behind the cause. It has given me a better understanding of the subject & made my belief stronger in astrology. I wish him more luck in future.

Mr Ram Avtar Jindal
Owner of Jindal Schools, Ghaziabad

Sachin ji ka kya kehna. Ek se badkar ek bhavishyawaani kari hai inhone mere liye. Business se leke school ke inauguration tak sab kaam inse hee karwaata hoon main.Ache ache astrologer ko inhone peeche chorr diya hai. Koi mehngi pooja nahi aur naa hee koi galat guidence seedha saral upay.

Syed Naeem Nizami
Head Priest, Nizamuddin Dargah, New Delhi

Allah Karam Kare Sachin Bhai ek mehanti aur apne jyotish kaam ke maahir hai. Jyotish ko yeh ek vigyaan ke roop mein maante hai jo ki sahi hai jyotish kisi dharm ki nahi balki ek vigyaan hee hai. Bas ismein sahi calculations ki jaroorat hai. Allah inko khoob barkat de aur har jarooratman ki yeh madad kare.

Mr Pawan Pipalwa
Senior Software Engineer at Walmart, United States ( USA )

Dr Sachin is a genuius call him as Mr Sixth Sense. His prediction through his intuition power are really accurate and on the very 1st meeting his prediction gave me goose bumps.Approx 5.5 yrs back he predicted that I will get shifted abroad & just after 7 months I got an offer to work with YAHOO.COM, US. My blessings are with Dr Sachin… Rise Buddy Rise.

Mr. Ravi Valecha
Actor, Mumbai

At first I did not believe in astrology, but when I spoke to Dr Sachin Rastogi ji & shared my birth details he practically said everything in life which was absolutely true. The knowledge of Sachin sir and his ability to see the past and predict the future through astrology is amazing.I wish him all the best for his future endeavor.

Mrs Nidhi Soni Walia
Housewife, Edmonton ( Canada )

My newly birth son was suffering from serious jaundice.Doctors gave me negative answer for recovery but one of my close family member recommended to contact Dr Sachin from India.I called & share my pain. Just in 10 minutes from his intuition power & through some astro calculations he told me some power full urdu mantras.I chanted it thoroughly and within several hours I saw miracle…my son started giving positive response.Till now all doctors in Edmonton cant believe how it all happened. I give full credits to Sachin ji for saving my child through powerful mantras.

MissSonia Sapra
Model & Actress, New delhi

Dr Sachin K Rastogi is one of the greatest and youngest Astrologer I have come across. He is not a person who believes in minting money or fooling people.He is very accurate with his predictions & will confidently tell you the exact dates. He has always been sure in guiding me right whenever I am stressed for the delays happening in my life. He is blunt because of what I really appreciate him as he does not believe in speaking what we would like to hear,but will speak the truth. Thanks Dr Sachin for your assistance.

Ilana Segav
Famous Singer from Israel, Ashdod ( Israel )

Sachin is a very young talented young man. He is the only astrologer who predicted about my visit to India in 2015. Every time he did my prediction it came out to be true. I highly recommend to every one.

Mr Varun Vansil
Businessman, New Delhi

I will give 5* Ratings to Dr Sachin. He is too good in his chosen field i.e. Astrology. His prediction is accurate and have very positive approach towards life,very helpful person and I am always thankful to Sachin ji for showing right path for my profession and saving my Lacs of rupees.

Mrs Sonal Pareenza
Jewellery Designer, Oregon ( USA )

Dr Sachin is experienced & expert in his field of knowledge i.e. Astrology & Numerology. With his open & practical outlook,he has helped and provided directions that have helped not just me but my extended family for last decade.

Mr. Moses Sapir
Ex Army man, Israel

I knew Dr Sachin since 2008 through an Indian friend. I was going through a very rough period related to my job. I shared my birth details with Dr sachin and you wont believe me he predicted exact situation through which I was going since last several months. For future, he told me that my field will be getting change and I will be doing something related to media, events, flowers, designing but I was ready for these field then after sitting idle for several months one of my family friend gave me an opportunity to work in his TV Channel and I got a very good job profile. I must say Astrology is a pure science ,you just need a good reader. God bless Dr sachin for showing me the right path.

Mr Sheetal Aggarwal
Managing Director ( MD ), Financial Services Organization

Our 1st meeting with Astrologer Sachin ji was in April 2016. I was going through a real bad phase in my career & health. He sat down with me patiently explaining me how thw planetary positions are affecting me. His predictions, when I look back in time, could not have been more accurate. Even the timing of the events predicted by Dr Rastogi were correct. He not only helped me by giving accurate dates of work to be done but provides easy & non expensive solutions like small pooja. i really admire his readings & solutions. Thank you Dr Sachin for helping me out.


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