Virgo :

This year, Saturn would enter Capricorn Sign in 5th House on January 24. In the beginning of the year, Rahu would be in Gemini Sign in 10th House and after September 19, it would enter Taurus Sign, in 9th House and after September 19. Jupiter would enter Capricorn Sign in 5th House on March 30 and after becoming retrograde it would transit Sagittarius Sign in 4th house on June 30. On November 20, Jupiter would again enter Capricorn Sign in 5th House after becoming direct. Venus would remain combust from May 31 to June 08.

Work, Profession
This year would be on year of progress for work and profession. In the beginning of this year, there is strong indication for progress of profession because of aspect of Jupiter on 10th House. You would get benefit from higher authorities. You would demonstrate much better by dint of your working capabilities and efficiency. After March 30 Rahu in 10th House would cause sudden promotion of those who are in job. Saturn aspects 7th House, Hence there are indications with a big company or working with a giant entrepreneurship.

Wealth, Property
This year is auspicious for economic perspective you would get wealth continuously. You would construction of a House and purchase a vehicle. Along with sudden profits, you would receive your long outstating payments. If you invest in any business, it would be gainful. After March 30, you might be benefitted from speculation business, share market and gambling etc. Do not invest in any venture hurriedly.

Family & Society
This year would be very much auspicious for family perspective. In the beginning of the year, Jupiter in 4th House would maintain peace and harmony in the family. You would get cooperation from the whole family. This period is auspicious for children. After June 29, you would accomplish a specific work for the progress of the family an due to which your prestige in the family would be enhanced. You would get name and fame for your social activities.

The beginning of this year be moderately auspicious for children. In the beginning of the year your children would not do any specific hard work but after March 30, there would be improvement. Newly married couples might be blessed with children. You would receive happy news for the first child if your child is in marriageable age, he/she could get married.

This year is auspicious for health perspective. You would be mentally satisfied. Your interest for Yoga and Meditation activities would get impetus due to which you would be mentally strong and physically healthy. There appears to be no indication for probability any disease throughout the year. Hence make use of time for augmenting disease resistant practices. You would be rewarded continuously for your working capabilities.

Career & Competition
This year is very much auspicious for the students. This period would be favorable for success in career making. There are indications for new ventures and jobs for you during this year. From March 30 to June end period would be extremely auspicious for the students. They would develop specific interest for their studies and succeed in achieving their goals and objectives. Due to aspectual effect of Rahu on 6th House, there would be strong indications for sudden success in competitions.

Travel & Transfer
There are indications for foreign travel. The merchants would be carrying out their journeys in connection with their professions due to this aspect of Saturn on 7th House. Those who are in jobs would get transfer at their desired places. People residing away from their birth place would visit their place of birth or undertake a joyful Journey with their family members.

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